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Maintenance Engineer

Location: Bawal, Haryana| Job: Full Time | Industry: Manufacturing | Experience: 4+ years | On Site

Job Summary

The mission, vision, and values of a Maintenance Engineer are to monitor the continuous running of equipment and machinery, perform routine maintenance, organize repairs, and occasionally be involved in the manufacture of items that aid in maintenance. The focus is on efficiency, development, and progress within manufacturing and processing industries. Maintenance engineers collaborate on modifications to plants and equipment to ensure optimal operating capacity based on received data, proposing modifications to preventive maintenance schedules.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Planning and executing new installations and changeovers on production lines.

  • Creating 3D/2D drawings of machine parts using SolidWorks or AutoCAD.

  • Planning for new machine mechanical spare parts and procuring them from suppliers.

  • Assembling and installing new Special Purpose Machines (SPM) lines and equipment.

  • Proficient in pneumatic systems, bearings, vacuum pumps, and precise mechanical alignment on high-speed automatic machines.

  • Familiarity with sensors, encoders, servo and stepper motors, and maintaining all related software and programs.

  • Troubleshooting mechanical problems and rectifying machine design issues to enhance maintenance and prolong machine part lifespan.

  • Developing operating procedures and documenting best practices for easy troubleshooting.


  • B.Tech in Electrical/Electronics.


  • 4+ years of experience in maintaining Special Purpose Machines (SPMs).

Other Details:

  • Hands-on experience with AutoCAD.


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